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Professional Sales Institute

The Professional Sales Institute advances the profession of personal selling and sales leadership in the B2B environment for students and business professionals.

Based in the state-of-the-art State Farm Hall of Business, the Institute is a unique partnership between the business sector and higher education, and is recognized as a premier resource for university students and sales professionals, as it is one of fewer than 50 such programs out of over 9,000 colleges and universities throughout the world.

  • Dr. Duleep Delpechitre, Senior Executive Director, Professional Sales Institute

  • Mr. Mike Boehm, Executive Director, Professional Sales Institute

Program Features

  • Comprehensive sequence of sales and sales management classes emphasizing consultative, relationship selling processes
  • Customized executive education and development programs for sales professionals
  • Leading-edge research and consulting for high-performance sales organizations
  • Regional and national networking through the University Sales Center Alliance.
  • Experiential-based programs that enhance knowledge and skills critical for success in any career
  • World-class sales training facilities featuring state-of-the-art audio-visual technology
  • Knowledgeable, experienced professionals with national reputations and over 50 combined years of real-world work experience serving your business consulting needs

Professional Sales Sequence

The Illinois State University Sales Sequence offers a specialized program of study to students, is officially noted on students' transcripts, and is the same as a major in sales and sales leadership sequence.

Pro Sales Learning Center

Pro Sales Learning CenterDesigned for sales professionals by sales professionals, The Professional Sales Learning Center offers students and working professionals state-of-the-art facilities for developing and perfecting presentations.

Courses, Seminars, and Training

Courses, seminars, and trainingThe Professional Sales Institute offers a comprehensive sequence of sales and sales leadership classes and extra-curricular activities that prepare students for selling in the dynamic marketplace of the 21st century. Graduates are prepared to excel as consultative, relationship-building sales professionals.

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